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Dust Cave Site, AL (1LU496) Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Renee Walker

Faunal data from Dust Cave Alabama, Renee B. Walker dissertation (University of Tennessee, 1998). Archaic deposits from Dust Cave date between and 5,200 years ago with four distinct Archaic occupations. These include the Early Side-Notched and Kirk Stemmed components (Early Archaic), and the Eva/Morrow Mountain component and Seven Mile Island phase (Middle Archaic). The preservation, and subsequent recovery, of faunal material at the site is exceptional, with an abundance of small fish and...

Dust Cave, Alabama Late Paleoindian Faunal Dataset (1998)
DATASET Renee Walker.

Late Paleoindian Faunal data (Walker 1998)

Dust Cave, Alabama Late Paleoindian Faunal Information (1998)
DATASET Citation Only Uploaded by: Renee Walker

Late Paleoindian Faunal data (Walker 1998)

The Use of Bayesian Statistics to Increase both Precision and Accuracy in Radiocarbon Dating (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Thulman.

Many archaeologists struggle to make sense of radiocarbon dates, especially those with large overlapping sigmas. Even with modern analytical techniques that increase precision, the results can be confusing. Bayesian statistics, which employs prior information to constrain posterior results with sets of radiocarbon dates, can lessen confusion and increase precision without using ad hoc measures, such as averaging or ignoring dates with large errors. The power and utility of Bayesian analyses is...