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Beyond bones: Non-faunal evidence for the role of dogs in Anglo-Saxon society (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Pam Crabtree.

Zooarchaeological data have provided much new information on Anglo-Saxon dogs including information on animal sizes, ages at death, paleopathology, and evidence for the treatment/mistreatment of dogs. However, many aspects of the relationship between humans and dogs in the Anglo-Saxon period cannot be understood on the basis of animal bones alone. This paper will explore the non-archaeozoological evidence for human-dog relationships in the Anglo-Saxon period drawing on evidence from literature...

Time to Take a Rain Check? The Social and Practical Implications of Weather and Seasonality on the Cremation Rite in Early Anglo-Saxon England (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kirsty Squires.

Cremation was one of the primary funerary rites employed in early Anglo-Saxon England (fifth to seventh century AD). Open-air pyres were used to cremate the dead alongside an array of pyre goods, including personal objects and faunal gifts. The resultant remains were subsequently collected and interred in pottery urns. Despite the fact that this mortuary rite has been subjected to extensive research over recent years, archaeologists often overlook the challenges faced by communities that...