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Multi-Tiered Proveniencing Analysis of Early Holocene Radiolarite Artifacts from Northern Spain (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only John Rissetto. Giancarlo Pepponi. Igor Gutiérrez-Zugasti. Rossana Dell’Anna. David Cuenca-Solana.

Radiolarite is a fossil-rich derivative of biogenic chert found in isolated geologic formations across northern Spain. This inconsistent presence on the landscape has often led archaeologists to misidentify it with other siliceous rock types. However, as the proveniencing of lithic raw materials increase in Spain, archaeologists are becoming more aware of radiolarite and its possible unique technological, typological, and social significance in prehistoric cultures. This paper will present the...

Symbolic behavior at the end of the Paleolithic: a view from Cantabrian region rock art (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Aitor Ruiz-Redondo.

In the field of graphic activity, the recent Magdalenian (14,500-11,500 BP) is characterized by a homogenizing process along a vast territory in southwestern Europe. It also represents the most splendorous rock art period and, at its end, figurative graphic activity suddenly disappears from Europe for millennia. A representative assemblage of recent Cantabrian Magdalenian rock art sites has been studied. The results of this research led to the discovery of several unpublished figures and...