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Marine Foragers at the Top of the World: Zooarchaeological Analysis of a Thule Period Small Site at Uivvaq, Alaska (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Liz Ortiz.

This is an abstract from the "SAA 2019: General Sessions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. The Thule period is significant as a predecessor to modern Iñupiat culture, and yet understanding Thule life remains partial to the selectiveness of archaeological investigations. Much of the Alaskan Thule period research has focused on large settlements along the northwest coast (e.g. Point Hope, Walakpa, and Utqiaġvik). Smaller sites, such as the Uivvaq...

Subsistence and Settlement at Cape Krusenstern, Alaska (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Adam Freeburg.

A group of recently discovered features from Cape Krusenstern, Alaska have yielded radiocarbon ages within both the Western Thule and Kotzebue culture periods. Results of preliminary faunal analyses indicate the presence of fish bone in proportions higher than have been previously reported for other Cape Krusenstern settlements. This paper reviews and assesses the zooarchaeological data from these features and provides comparisons to known archaeological subsistence practices of the region....

Under Threat of Erosion: Late Prehistoric to Historic Contact Houses near the Native Village of Shaktoolik, Alaska (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kelly Eldridge. John Darwent. Christyann Darwent.

Historical documents note that the Shaktoolik Peninsula, located in Norton Sound, Alaska, was a nexus of interaction among local Yup’ik, Inupiat from the north, Athabaskans from the east, and Russian and American traders in the 1800s. Yup’ik populations were displaced from the area and replaced by Inupiaq groups during this time; however, limited archival, ethnographic and oral history accounts make it difficult to disentangle the local history. The archaeological record may be able to fill in...

A Winter at Akulivik: Faunal Analysis of a Thulean House at the site of Kangiakallak-1 (Nunavik, Québec) (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only François Lanoë. Pierre Desrosiers. Dominique Marguerie. Daniel Gendron.

The site of Kangiakallak-1 (JeGn-2 – AKU-10-018), located near Akulivik (Nunavik, Québec), has yielded several occupations attributed to the Dorset and Thule periods. Level A corresponds to a Thulean winter house for which collapse and preservation in permafrost provides an excellent and undisturbed record of Thulean lifeway. This paper presents the results of a faunal analysis conducted on animal remains found within the Level A house. The dominant species recovered were caribou Rangifer...