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Beringian Landscapes and Human Responses in the Middle Tanana Valley, Alaska (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Joshua Reuther. Ben Potter. Nancy Bigelow. Charles Holmes. Francois Lanoe.

The middle Tanana Valley of interior Alaska, an unglaciated region of Eastern Beringia, holds a high-resolution record of human-environment interaction that extends over 14,000 years. The Late Glacial and early Holocene landscapes of this region were dynamic with considerable ecological restructuring. Aeolian deposits accumulated in lowland areas and adjacent foothills at relatively high rates, soils were relatively underdeveloped, river down-cutting prevailed across the valley, and wild fires...

Geoarchaeology at the Little John Site (KdVo-6), Yukon Territory, Canada. (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael Grooms. Norman Easton. Mary Samolczyk. Joel Cubley.

The Little John Site (KdVo-6), Yukon Territory, Canada, contains the presence of Chindadn complex (East Beringian Tradition), Denali complex (Paleoarctic Tradition), Northern Archaic Tradition, and Late Prehistoric artifacts in unique stratified contexts. The site contains loess/paleosol stratigraphic sequences dating to the Wisconsin Interstadial c. 44,000 years ago, and cultural deposits from the Late Pleistocene to the recent past. Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Accelerator Mass...

The Holzman Site: Faunal Remains from a Late Pleistocene Occupation in the Tanana Valley, Alaska (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kathryn Krasinski. Brian Wygal. Charles Holmes. Barbara Crass.

The earliest archaeological sites in eastern Beringia occur at the gateway of the ice free corridor in interior Alaska. The Holzman site was discovered in 2015 along Shaw Creek in the Tanana Valley and dates to the late Pleistocene. Bison and caribou remains as well as mammoth ivory in the lowest components of the site demonstrate the importance of big game hunting during the colonization of Beringia and the interaction of humans with mammoths during the last phase of their extinction in...

Inter and Intra Site Patterns of the Late Pleistocene Fauna from the Little John Site (KdVo6), a Multi-Component East Beringia Site in Yukon Territory, Canada (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Vance Hutchinson. Norman Easton. David Yesner. Lauriane Bourgeon. Blaine Maley.

The Little John site holds an extensive record of human occupation spanning 14,500 years ago to the most recent past. Due to a combination of taphonomic factors, the Late Pleistocene deposits are particularly rich in culturally modified faunal remains related to the subsistence economy of the founding and early human occupants of the upper reaches of the Tanana River Valley of interior Alaska and Yukon. In this presentation we report on the current results of our analyses of the Little John...

Recent Discoveries in the Tanana Basin, Eastern Beringia (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ben Potter.

Recent developments in Western subarctic archaeology have transformed our perspectives on technological, subsistence, and land use strategies implemented during the Pleistocene - Holocene transition and into the later Holocene. This talk encompasses my intersite and intrasite investigations at Upward Sun River, Mead, and other sites in the middle Tanana River basin geared towards explanatory model construction and testing. Athabaskan ethnographic data provide robust frameworks to evaluate the...