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Always facing east…except when they’re not: Preliminary analysis of mortuary trends at Cahal Pech, Cayo, Belize (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kirsten Green. Ashley McKeown. Rosanne Bongiovanni.

Mortuary patterns and practices change over time and it is the goal of this poster to present preliminary analysis of the evolution of mortuary behavior of the Maya. This poster examines different variables pertaining to mortuary practices of the Maya throughout the Classic and Terminal Classic time periods at the core site of Cahal Pech in San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize. The analysis focuses on burial position, orientation, presence or absence of grave goods, temporal period, burial type,...

Architectural Planning and Shared Political Traditions in the Belize River Valley (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Rafael Guerra. Claire Ebert. Jaime Awe.

The presence of shared architectural elements and configurations between major ancient Maya centers has often been attributed to socio-political affiliation and/or emulation of influential centers by their neighbors. In this paper, we examine the site plans and settlement systems for the monumental centers of Cahal Pech and Lower Dover in the Belize Valley to identify parallel trends of the growth of monumental architecture through time. Cahal Pech is one of the earliest permanently settled...

Building a Typology: The Formative Period Figurine Assemblage from Cahal Pech, Cayo, Belize (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lisa DeLance. Jaime Awe.

Nearly every excavation at the site of Cahal Pech has recovered ceramic figurines. The ubiquitous nature of these figurines in a multitude of stratigraphic levels illustrate the importance of a figurine industry during the Formative Period. A comparative analysis of figurine attributes in this collection, in addition to collections found at neighboring sites in the Belize River Valley, reveals a unique style of figurine representation not found in any other regional figurine style in...

Placing Cahal Pech on the map: Implications of Burial Goods Recovered in the Site’s Eastern Triadic Shrine (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Catharina Santasilia. Jaime Awe.

Between 2011 and 2014, the BVAR Project focused considerable attention on the excavation and preservation of the site’s Eastern Triadic Shrine (a.k.a E-Group). In addition to revealing important information on the evolution of the architectural complex, our investigations also uncovered a series of burials that span from the Preclassic to the Terminal Classic periods. The burials, particularly those discovered in Structure B1, the central structure of the eastern triadic complex, reflect...

Tracing mortuary trends at Cahal Pech using Stable Isotope data (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kirsten Green. Ashley H. McKeown. Roseanne Bongiovanni.

Recent research focusing on environmental change in the Belize River Valley during the Classic period provides clear evidence for deteriorating conditions during the Late Classic period. These findings help explain shifts in socio-political and religious systems, as well as fluctuations in population distributions of the Late Classic and Terminal Classic Maya. Some archaeological research suggests complete abandonment of ceremonial sites occupied by the Maya elite. Mortuary practices can be used...