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Early Village Societies in the American South and Beyond (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Pluckhahn. Victor Thompson.

From his early work on social evolution in Mesoamerica to his more recent macrohistory of coalescent societies, Steve Kowalewski has epitomized the big picture approach to anthropological archaeology. Taking a cue from the latter body of work, as well as the recent overview of the topic by Bandy and Fox, we work toward a macrohistory of early village societies. Building from recent work at the Crystal River site (8CI1) on Florida’s west central Gulf Coast, we look to commonalities in early...

Gathering Shells and Time: A Bayesian Approach to Shell Mound Formation in Southwest Florida (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Anthony Krus. Victor Thompson.

Archaeologists have longed grappled with how to effectively date shell mound deposits in Florida. Interpreting radiocarbon dates from shell samples has been a dominant method; however, these interpretations have not fully assessed the possibility that radiocarbon samples might not truly date their corresponding archaeological context. For example, recent research on Mound Key demonstrates that shell from middens was likely used to construct shell mounds, therefore the redeposition of old shells...