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Continuing Heritage Education: Reaching Adult and Senior Learners (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Katherine Erdman.

Continuing education and adult enrichment courses offer readily accessible opportunities for archaeologists to engage a non-traditional learning group who are often already curious about archaeology and are relatively informed. Adult and senior students in these settings prefer discussions and debates to strictly information transmission; such an environment is conducive for presenting issues of cultural heritage and preservation. In 2015, these topics were introduced to two such audiences...

Engaged Research, Management and Planning at Tolay Lake Regional Park (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Peter Nelson.

Archaeology has a long history of extracting knowledge and physical resources from Indigenous communities without redistributing resources or benefits to these communities. The ideas of giving back or "paying in our own currency" are well-meant, albeit simple, attempts to atone for our discipline’s history. However, the historical traumas in Indigenous communities from political, economic and scholarly colonialism are complex, and cannot be remedied with simple fixes. Research that seeks to...

Risk in Collaborative Archaeologies of Place as Engaged Scholarship (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jun Sunseri.

Drawing on examples from my community-engaged work in post-apartheid South Africa and post-annexation New Mexico, I want to talk about the kinds of risk my community partners navigate in our collaborative archaeologies. Both communities are focused tightly on colonial-era processes that have translated into dimensions of racialized inequalities, against which we hope archaeological partnerships might be employed and produce tools that do more good than harm.