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From the Tangible to the Intangible: Virtual Curation of America’s Historic Past (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bernard Means.

Virtual curation of artifacts—the creation of intangible digital models from tangible artifacts—has clear benefits to opening up America’s historic past.  Researchers and the general public anywhere in the world can access, manipulate, and share three-dimensional digital models that might otherwise be locked away behind display glass.  This enhanced access will contribute to a broader reflexive archaeology and further archaeology as a tool for social engagement.  This presentation will focus on...

Virtual curation as an integral part of the conservation strategy at the Camp Lawton Confederate POW site (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lance Greene.

The Confederate POW facility, Camp Lawton, was constructed in the summer of 1864 to relieve the horrendous conditions at Andersonville. Camp Lawton, a 42-acre stockade housing over 10,000 Union prisoners, was only open during October and November 1864. It was abandoned in late November as Sherman’s men marched towards Savannah. Recent archaeological excavations by Georgia Southern University (GSU) students and faculty located the prisoner encampment. The area includes intact prisoners’ hut...

Visualizing a Wired World’s Past: Digital and Tactile Public Archaeology in the Virtual Curation Laboratory (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bernard Means.

The Virtual Curation Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) uses 3D scanning technologies to capture archaeological discoveries from all over the world. Used effectively, these 3D digital artifact models can help cultural heritage institutions share their amazing discoveries to a global audience and not simply to their fixed geographic locations. How to share these 3D digital artifact models to an audience wider than undergraduate students and professional archaeologists has proven...