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Algunas consideraciones acerca del orígen y de la organización social de los Chachapoya (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Klaus Koschmieder.

Hasta el momento dos aspectos importantes sobre los antiguos Chachapoya no fueron discutidos de manera satisfactoria. Se trata del orígen y de la organización social de este grupo prehistórico que pobló un territorio extenso al este del río Maranhon (Perú) antes de estar dominado por los inca y los espanholes. La aparición súbita de numerosas poblaciones Chachapoya durante el Intermedio Tardío deja suponer que fueron inmigrantes, los cuales dejaron su tierra natal por razones todavía...

Assessing the genetic diversity in the extant Chachapoya population from northeastern Peru using uniparental DNA markers (mtDNA and Y-chromosome) (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Evelyn Guevara. Antti Sajantila. Jukka Palo. Sonia Guillén.

The aim of the study is to elucidate the origin and population history of the human communities from northeastern Peru, with both contemporary and ancient DNA data. For the first phase of the study, contemporary Y-chromosomal (23 STRs) and mitochondrial (HVR1 and HVR2 sequences) data from four populations (Chachapoya=276; Jivaro=47; Huancas=21 and Cajamarca=34) distributed in the northeastern region of Amazonas (Peru), was assessed. At haplogroup level, the markers showed differential...

Hierarchy, Power, Identity and Time: Building a Khipu Simulacrum of Chachapoya Society at Laguna de los Cóndores (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gary Urton.

In 2005, the author published a study of a large khipu found in the plundered remains at the rock overhang site at Laguna de los Cóndores. That publication focused on the calendrical features of this khipu, showing that it was composed of cord groupings that constituted a two-year calendar. Subsequent study of the large sample and other, smaller khipus also found at the site show evidence of a process of the collection of information from several smaller cord records (perhaps from subordinate...

Household Practice and Spatial Fashioning in the Chachapoya Community of Purunllacta de Soloco (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only James Crandall.

For the Chachapoya of the eastern Andes, the household was a primary social space of production and community life. In order to examine the maintenance of such social spaces, this paper analyses the material continuity of household spatial production in the upper Amazonian community of Purunllacta de Soloco occupied between A.D. 400-1583. Many Chachapoya houses were continually inhabited and were refashioned according to a schema indicated by a particular material assemblage. I identify...

DOCUMENT Citation Only Sonia Guillen. Gilmer Medina. Agustín Rodríguez.

The number of studies in the ancient Chachapoya territory increased tremendously in the last two decades. It is clear that the concept of a Chachapoya unit does not have a strong basis. This is not a new idea, ethnohistorial documents refer to the differentiated communities included in the common denomination introduced since the time of the Inka conquest. This presentation reviews the distribution of sites referred in the literature, introducing new data based on speleological studies,...