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The Form and Function of Lineage: Council Houses in Epiclassic Mesoamerica (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Cynthia Kristan-Graham.

The council house (popol nah or nim ja in Maya languages) is found from North Mexico to southern Mesoamerica. With roots in Classic-period architecture and enduring until after the Conquest in some regions, the council house typically was located in central areas of civic-ceremonial centers and featured a rectangular colonnade and built-in benches. In situ glyphs and ethnohistory indicate that lineages used these buildings for ritual-administrative purposes, and perhaps also as dwellings. This...

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council House: a continuation of architectural traditions (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kelsey Clardy.

Public architecture is reflective of society. Council houses were an important example of public architecture during both prehistoric and pre-removal times and were prevalent across the Southeast. The original purpose of these council houses was to provide a place for the people to conduct official meetings in the winter months. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate that the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council House in Okmulgee, OK is an example of post-removal public architecture that was...