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Demographic Analysis of a Looted Late Intermediate Period Tomb, Chincha Valley, Peru (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Camille Weinberg. Benjamin Nigra. Maria Cecilia Lozada. Charles Stanish. Henry Tantaleán.

Ethnohistorical and archaeological sources establish that the Chincha Valley on Peru’s south coast hosted a populous and economically complex polity during the Late Intermediate Period (1200-1470 CE). A 2013 survey of the middle valley revealed more than 40 cemeteries containing over five hundred highly visible, above-ground collective tombs resembling highland chullpas. To establish a baseline demographic profile for this mortuary tradition, we conducted an osteological analysis of one looted...

Fine China, Flatware, and Crockery: An Archaeological Reexamination of Chincha Domestic Contexts (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Terrah Jones. Jacob Bongers. Brittany Jackson. Susanna Seidensticker. Charles Stanish.

This paper considers how material culture reflects the manipulation and creation of identity through a reexamination of the Chincha ceramic typology using ceramic vessels recovered from two mid- Chincha Valley domestic contexts dating to the Late Intermediate Period (LIP) (1000-1400 AD) and the Late Horizon (LH) (1400-1532 AD). The Chincha Kingdom was an extensive and powerful trading polity that emerged during the LIP and continued into the LH. Previous studies identify three distinct zones...