West Mexican Archaeology (Other Keyword)

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Possible causes for mayor cultural change between Classic and Postclassic occupations in western Mexico (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jorge Morales. Jose Carlos Beltran. Katrin Sieron.

Preclassic and Classic occupation on the West Mexico has been dominated by the shaft-tomb culture . In Nayarit there is evidence for shaft-tomb occupation from 300 BC to about 900 AD. Recent archaeological rescue projects related to the construction of the highway from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta have documented archaeology covered by extensive volcanic deposits belonging to a cataclysmic (VEI 6) Plinian eruption from nearby Ceboruco volcano. Postclassic Aztatlán culture buildings are...

Selective Influence of West Mexico Cultural Traditions in the Onavas Valley, Sonora, Mexico (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Danielle Phelps. Cristina Garcia-Moreno. James Watson.

Recent archaeological work at El Cementerio, a burial mound located in southeast Sonora, Mexico dated between AD 897 and 1635, has identified a local cultural tradition exhibiting selective influence from contemporaneous traditions in west Mexico. The vast majority of material culture reflects local manufacture and evolution, however, the presence of shell (from the Pacific Ocean) jewelry and the incorporation of biocultural practices of cranial deformation and dental modification suggest a link...