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Are websites doing what we want them to do? Evaluating the effectiveness of websites for public archaeology (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lisa Catto. Virginia L. Butler. Kathi A. Ketcheson.

Archaeologists widely incorporate websites into public archaeology projects and rely on them as primary vehicles for connecting with the non-archaeologist public for many reasons: they are relatively inexpensive to create, adaptable to most any content, and potentially accessed by a global population. While websites have great potential for advancing public understanding of the human past, to date there has been little consideration of what makes a “good” public archaeology website. Our project...

mbira: a platform to build, serve, and manage mobile public heritage experiences (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ethan Watrall.

The spaces we inhabit and interact with on a daily basis are made up of layers of cultural activity that are, quite literally, built up over time. While museum exhibits, archaeological narratives, and public archaeology programs communicate this heritage, they do not generally allow for interactive, place-based, and individually driven exploration by the public. In recent years, mobile and augmented reality applications have offered both platforms and models for mobile heritage experiences that...