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Entangling Mississippian Identities: A case for postcolonial theory in the Upper Mississippian world (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bryan Dull.

Postcolonial theory has provided a useful framework that archaeologists have applied over the last several decades to confront issues of social identity in colonial encounters. However, few have considered its utility in addressing cultural interaction in prehistoric contexts. This paper considers the applicability of postcolonial theory in the Upper Mississippian world between 900-1200 CE. In particular, I consider the material evidence and site distribution at multiple scales to argue that...

Ghost tourists in Gondar: Sustainable tourism and archaeological heritage (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jaime Almansa-Sanchez.

Literature in heritage and tourism usually addresses the multiple benefits of visitors, their threats and the controversial concept of ‘return’. As heritage managers we usually focus our efforts on these visitors, as the panacea for everything. In the context of postcolonial theory and public archaeology, there are two factors of this equation that we usually forget; local communities and the real recipients of the money. Working in Gondar (Ethiopia) I have come to define the concept of the...