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Ghost of the Navigator: Tracking Initial Human Population Dispersal to the Palauan Archipelago (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica Stone. Caroline Kisielinski. Justin Tackney. Scott Fitzpatrick.

While Micronesia was one of the last geographical areas to be colonized by humans prehistorically, the timing, direction, and origins of initial settlement in many ways still remains unclear. The Chelechol ra Orrak site in Palau, which contains the oldest known human remains in Micronesia, (dating back to at least 2800 BP)—and that is one of only two burial sites in the Pacific Islands to pre-date 2500 BP —provides an excellent opportunity for direct study of population dispersals into the...

Managing Cultural Resources within Protected Areas (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sunny Ngirmang. Camilla Borrevik. Calvin Emesiochel. Errolflynn Kloulechad. Derek Benjamin.

A goal for cultural heritage management is to advance the comprehensive preservation, conservation and management of cultural resources, defined as the broad array of stories, knowledge, people, places, structures, objects, and the associated environment that contribute to the maintenance of cultural identity and/or reveal the prehistoric, historic and contemporary human interactions with an ecosystem. Involving the state and local community in regular management, activities, and projects should...

Prehistoric Fishing Declines at Chelechol ra Orrak, Palau: Resolving Issues of Anthropogenic Impacts and Long-Term Resource Sustainability (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christina Giovas. Scott Fitzpatrick. Osamu Kataoka. Meagan Clark.

Previous research at Chelechol ra Orrak in the Rock Islands of Palau has revealed several critical shifts in marine resource exploitation between ca. 3000/1700 – 0 BP. These changes include a decline in fishing, increased reliance on molluscs, particularly Mactra clams, and statistically significant size increases in one of the most heavily exploited gastropod species, Gibberulus (Strombus) gibberulus. Commonly invoked explanatory mechanisms, such as broad scale climate change and anthropogenic...