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Revealing the common ground: technological practice, intrusive shapes and hybrid pastes in the Kampos Group pottery of Crete (2015)

Citation DOCUMENT Peter Day. Vassilis Kilikoglou.

The dawn of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean is of undoubted importance. Whether we emphasise the crafting and consumption of copper or the appearance of whole assemblages of pottery outside of their stylistic "homeland" in the Central Cyclades, Early Bronze I (c. 3100-2600 BCE) has always been characterised as a time of change, featuring the movement of people, goods and ideas. In our haste to categorise, label and seek identities, we have perhaps lost some of the complexity and creativity...

Technological Know-how and Lithic Production in the mid-Hudson Valley: Observations from the Terminal Archaic (2018)

Citation DOCUMENT Ingrid-Morgane Gauvin.

Know-how is an archaeologically observable counterpart of the knowledge of technological agents, as it is the material capacity of an agent to apply known techniques. Both elements are not necessarily in exact equivalence, as an agent’s aptitude and willingness to apply techniques may not reflect their full knowledge. Know-how is identifiable by the stigmata left by applied techniques on artifacts and materials. Separating aptitude (or "skill") from the examination and interpretation of...

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