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Searching for King Opessa's Shawnee Town in the Mountains of Maryland (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Stephen Potter. John Bedell.

In 1688, a band of Shawnee left Fort St. Louis on the Illinois River and headed east. Eventually, some of them settled at King Opessa's Town on the upper Potomac River, circa 1722, in the vicinity of Oldtown, Maryland. In 1975, a National Retister Nomination was prepared identifying a 122 x 213 m surface scatter of prehistoric artifacts as the site of King Opessa's Town, which also corresponds to the location of "Shawno Indian Fields Deserted" on Benjamin Winslow's 1736 map. Subsequent test...

US Army National Guard Cultural Resources Planning Level Survey - Texas (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lara S. Anderson.

In April 1998, St. Louis District personnel visited the Adjutant General’s Department of Texas (AGTX) at Camp Mabry, the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory, and the Texas Historical Commission in Austin to research archaeological and historic buildings survey work conducted on Army National Guard facilities in the state. This document reports the history of cultural investigations on federally owned or supported Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG) facilities, lists archaeological sites and...