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Invented, Adopted, Shared, Acquired, Inspired? Technological Change and the Talc-Faience Complexes of the Indus Valley Tradition (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Heather Miller.

A bewildering assortment of materials utilizing siliceous pastes were used to make small objects such as figures, beads and containers, in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, the Mediterranean, and regions beyond and between. From very early beginnings in the sixth millennium BCE or earlier in some regions, the assortment of these materials reached great diversity of production technique and material in the third and second millennia BCE, with much less diversity of appearance. In...

Unexpected Expertise: Archaeological Science and the Creative Skills of Indus Craftspeople (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Heather Miller. Gregory L. Braun.

Wright’s doctoral and subsequent work brilliantly employed archaeological science to show how relatively simple technological tools (single-chamber kilns) were used by skilled craftspeople in clever ways to create surprisingly technologically complex objects (black-on-grey pottery, resulting from several different cycles of atmospheric conditions during firing), objects which also provided information about patterns of social boundaries and technological style. In homage to this work, we will...