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AMEC E&I Archaeological Investigation Results: DhRr-74 "Kikayt Village Site" (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah K Smith.

Summary of results of archaeological investigations conducted by AMEC Environment & Infrastructre within the Kikayt village site (DhRr-74) located on the southern bank of the Fraser River in Surrey, British Coulumbia, Canada.  The Kikayt site is identified in the ethnigraphies of Hill-Tout as a Kwantlen First Nation fishing village, reportedly abandoned by 1858-1859 when the then capitol, New Westminster, was founded accross the river. The site was established as an Indian Reserve for the...

Archaeological Investigations at the Stō:ló spiritual site Uwqw’iles - the Restmore Caves site (DiRj-34) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah Smith. Cara Brendzy. Lisa Dojack.

In 2014 Amec Foster Wheeler, in partnership with the Stō:ló Resource and Research Management Centre, conducted an archaeological investigation of rock shelter site DiRj-34 in response to a proposed development. The site was documented ethnographically by Wilson Duff in 1949 as the Restmore Caves and recorded as spiritual site Uwqw’iles by the Stō:ló Nation. The rock shelter is comprised of large boulders at the toe of the Canadian Cascade Range, adjacent to Hunter Creek on the south side of the...

Celebrating the National Historic Preservation Act: The Making Archaeology Public Project (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Patricia M. Samford.

Over the last fifty years, a great deal of archaeological research has come about due to the passage of the National Historic Preservation Act.  The Society for Historical Archaeology, the Society for American Archaeology, and the Register of Professional Archaeologists– in partnership with the American Cultural Resources Association and the Archaeological Legacy Institute (home of The Archaeology Channel) are supporting a nationwide initiative to highlight some of the important things we have...

CRM Archaeology and Collections Management - A Comparison between two Canadian Provinces (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lindsay Foreman.

My CRM career has included positions in both British Columbia and Ontario, two provinces situated on opposite sides of the country. Working for the same consulting firm in both provinces, I have had the opportunity to manage the analysis and curative preparation of large precontact Aboriginal collections. This experience has resulted in the observation of strengths and weaknesses in current British Columbia and Ontario heritage legislation, archaeological permitting regulations, and collections...

The CRM Archaeology Podcast: Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Webster.

Since the first podcasts were available on Apple’s iTunes in June of 2005, podcasting has become a powerful way for anyone to deliver information to the world from the comfort of their home. Podcasts can be informal conversations to expensive productions from major networks. Archaeology podcasting has seen shows come and go and has had a rocky past. The only podcast focused on issues related to CRM Archaeology has been recording since February of 2013 and has tackled everything from ethics on...