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The CRM Archaeology Podcast: Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Webster.

Since the first podcasts were available on Apple’s iTunes in June of 2005, podcasting has become a powerful way for anyone to deliver information to the world from the comfort of their home. Podcasts can be informal conversations to expensive productions from major networks. Archaeology podcasting has seen shows come and go and has had a rocky past. The only podcast focused on issues related to CRM Archaeology has been recording since February of 2013 and has tackled everything from ethics on...

Podcasting as a way to promote archaeology and engage the public, or, Archaeology - straight from the trenches to your ears! (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Webster. Tristan Boyle.

Podcasts have been around for over 10 years now and only in the last couple years, since the release of the popular This American Life spin-off, Serial, has the American public been interested. Until Serial, it seemed that you were either a podcast listener or you weren't. Now, people are incorporating them into their lives as trusted sources of information and entertainment. The Archaeology Podcast Network was founded as the first season of Serial came to a close and our downloads quickly hit...

Podcasts as Archaeological Digital Preservation (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Webster. Tristan Boyle.

Archaeologists are increasingly collecting and storing archaeological data in a digital format. While a lot of time and effort has been spent on the HOW of digital information collection, little time has been spent on the other side - public outreach. An archaeologist's job is only half complete when the digital data are safely stored on multiple servers and in an archival format. If no one knows about it did it ever really matter? Podcasts are typically free and are accessible by everyone with...