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Archaeology at the Gillespie Dam Site: Data Recovery Investigations for the Palo Verde to Pinal West 500 kV Transmission Line, Maricopa County, Arizona (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Alaina Harmon

In this report, the results of data recovery efforts conducted for the Palo Verde to Pinal West transmission line project at the Gillespie Dam site, AZ T:13:18 (ASM), in the Gila Bend area of the Gila River are presented. The site is a prehistoric Hohokam-Patayan settlement with an overlay of Historic era material. Fieldwork primarily occurred within the construction staging area of a transmission tower. Although covering less than an acre, the staging area contained surprising numbers of...

From Goddesses to Zoomorphs: Figuring Out Figurines at Çatalhöyük (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lindsay Der.

The infamous seated goddess, flanked by two leopards, is perhaps the most sensationalized figurine to have been unearthed at Çatalhöyük, prompting narratives of prehistoric cults and religion. Yet research conducted since its discovery by James Mellaart has shown that zoomorphic, rather than anthropomorphic, types are predominant in the figurine assemblage. In this paper, I trace the history of changing recording systems, analytical methodologies, and interpretations of figurines at Çatalhöyük....

Zoomorphic Representations of Figurines in Tamtoc, SLP, Mexico. (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Denia Berenice Villanueva Ruiz.

From the beginning, man has always tried to understand nature. Mostly because their survival depended on it, the Prehispanic societies conceived it as one of their best allies. The perception of animals was always influenced by the mysticism and the belief that every living thing belonged to an order, which at the same time harmonized a universal context. Tamtoc, was not the exception. Along all the excavations that had been performed, various distinct representations of zoomorphic figurines...