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Dung Use Before Animal Domestication in Southwest Asia: Evidence from Early Natufian Shubayqa 1 (Northeastern Jordan) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Amaia Arranz Otaegui. Ana Polo-Díaz. Tobias Richter.

In southwest Asia the use of dung as fuel has so far only been attested at agricultural sites, which relied on the exploitation of domesticated plants and animals. In this presentation we report the first evidence for dung use by hunter-gatherers in southwest Asia 15,000 years ago. Charred dung remains were found inside two stone-made hearth structures at the late Epipalaeolithic Natufian site Shubayqa 1. This evidence suggests that dung was recurrently gathered and used as fuel. The macro- and...

Patterns of Plant Use at Los Soldados and Beyond (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jennifer Alvarado. Amber VanDerwarker.

There has been much speculation regarding the nature of agriculture and subsistence among the Formative Gulf Coastal Olmec, and regional subsistence reconstructions based on primary plant data are now beginning to bear fruit. Recent excavations in the rural Olmec heartland and the neighboring Sierra de los Tuxtlas have yielded pertinent archaeobotanical data that have revealed considerable local variation in plant foodways. We build on these studies by presenting archaeobotanical data from Los...