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The Importance of the Center: Exploring Circular Spaces in the Lower Mississippi Valley (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Megan Kassabaum.

The mound-and-plaza complex is a hallmark of late prehistoric sites in the Lower Mississippi Valley. While these mounds and the spaces between them have been the focus of much productive research, many mound-and-plaza centers began as circular or oval-shaped middens and only later incorporated mounds. Moreover, sites organized around central "empty" spaces are common starting in the Archaic period. I argue that by examining these earlier and less frequently studied examples of "plazas," we can...

The View from Mazique (22Ad502): Reconsidering the Coles Creek / Plaquemine Cultural Transition from the Perspective of the Natchez Bluffs Region of the Lower Mississippi Valley (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Daniel LaDu. Ian W. Brown.

Around A.D. 1000 Mississippian culture emerged in the Eastern Woodlands of North America. Originating around the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, Mississippian culture rapidly spread south and east, radically transforming Late Woodland societies in its wake. Although Mississippian culture had come to dominate much of the interior of the Southeast by A.D. 1100, its advance into the Lower Mississippi Valley was impeded. Here, Mississippian societies encountered the Late Woodland...