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Color in Wari and Inka Khipus (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gary Urton.

This paper analyzes the uses of color in the Wari and Inka khipus. The focus of the study will be on the ranges and ways of combining colors used in each tradition. The central question to be addressed is: How was color used as a medium of coding information in each tradition and what can we say about how and why the system of color may have changed as it did from Wari to Inka times?

The comparison of central and peripheral household compounds at the site of Panquilma, Peruvian Central Coast (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alfredo Ramirez.

This paper explores the hierarchical differences between households at the site of Panquilma. Previous studies at the site have identified two types of household compounds: central and peripheral. Despite the fact that central compounds are bigger and located closer to the public buildings of the site, no other difference has been identified that can point towards the presence and the nature of any type of hierarchical distinction between both types of domestic compounds. Using 3-D...