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Commemoration or Termination? Evaluating Early Public Ritual in Yaxuná, Yucatan, Mexico through Ethnography and Ethnohistory (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ryan Collins.

Through hieroglyphic, historical, and ethnographic documentation, the act of ensouling and cleansing an architectural space is a well documented ritual activity practiced among Mesoamerican cultures. Acts that commemorate space, whether marking renewal or termination, often leave traces. As can be attested archaeologically, the trace evidence commemorative acts are often visible on several surfaces in an architectural sequence, speaking both to the continuity and disjuncture in such practice....

Public Spaces For The People: A Preliminary Investigation Of Colonial Taverns And Markets In Charleston, South Carolina (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nathan G.W. Allison.

Early modern British Atlantic world colonial port cities of North America were filled with a diverse cast of individuals and groups. Public space in port cities provided an area for the masses to interact and participate in a variety of activities. This poster will look at public space in Charleston, South Carolina during the long eighteenth-century. As part of a larger project, this analysis will look at taverns and markets, providing a window into the diverse groups and activities that were...

The Role of Public Space in Identity Making at Morton Village (11F2) (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrew Upton. Jodie O'Gorman. Michael Conner. Terrance Martin.

The circa 1300 AD Morton Village site in west-central Illinois lies at the intersection of Mississippian and Oneota worlds. High levels of violence and social stress witnessed in the site’s nearby Norris Farms #36 cemetery suggests that regional social interaction was marred by internecine conflict and raiding. The multi-ethnic nature of cohabitation at the site, on the other hand, suggests that ritual and cultural convention were creatively modified to reflect a new multi-cultural reality. This...

Whole Vessel Caches: A Comparison of Offerings at Cerro de la Virgen with lower Río Verde Valley Public Space Offerings (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Vanessa Monson. Jeffrey Brzezinski.

Previous archaeological excavations in the lower Río Verde Valley in Oaxaca, Mexico have provided evidence for communal ceremonies since the Late Formative (400-150 BCE). The Terminal Formative (150 BCE-250 CE) period saw a continuation of communal ceremonies at hinterland sites along with the emergence of the region’s first polity, Río Viejo. The maintenance of these practices in the hinterland during the increasing urbanization occurring at Río Viejo suggests their importance in community...