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American Disruptive Archaeologies: The Theory and Practice of Punk (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrew D. Reinhard.

In my presentation, I will look at the five most common tenets of Punk Archaeology as an approach to Public Archaeology, citing contemporary examples of each within an American context: • Apply a do-it-yourself (DIY) aesthetic to archaeology projects, especially when funding, personnel, and other kinds of support are lacking. • Study marginalized archaeologies, and conduct the archaeology of cultures and places eschewed by the Academy. • Study the history and archaeology of Punk and Punk...

Anarchy in the UK (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lorna J Richardson.

This paper will view British public archaeology through the lens of the specifically British experience of politically energetic and aggressive militant working class sub-cultural phenomenon of punk rock, which asked questions about social issues such as unemployment, racism, sexism, identity and militarism, and the contradictions inherent within a Punk Public Archaeology approach in the UK. It will situate the DIY aesthetic of British Punk Public Archaeology as a cultural expression within a...

From Invention to Methodology: the overlooked "DIY" in everyday archaeology (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Eric Poehler.

Archaeology has always been "DIY". It has borrowed nearly all of its physical tools and many of its intellectual instruments as well. In this still new, 21st century realm of digital archaeology our implements look different, but their basic implementation does not. From the shovel to the computer, from the trowel to the database, from the paintbrush to the paint program, archaeology has had to teach itself how to adapt an object - physical or digital - to the needs of the discipline. Using the...