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The Mirador Basin: A Synthesis of Research and Conservation Programs in northern Guatemala (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Richard Hansen. Edgar O. Suyuc.

Major research programs in the Mirador Basin of northern Guatemala and southern Campeche, Mexico, have provided new data relevant to the origins, dynamics, and collapse of complex societies in the Maya Lowlands. Data suggests that the origins of sedentary societies began earlier than previously thought, and that the dynamics of complexity included complex agricultural sophistication, elaborate communication and trade systems, logistics development, and vast political, economic, and social...

Preclassic Causeways of the Mirador Basin, Guatemala (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Schreiner. Enrique Hernandez. David Wahl. Richard Hansen.

A vast system of inter-site highways (sacbes or sacbeob) traversed an inhabited countryside between the major urban centers of the Kan kingdom in the Mirador Basin. Development of this system began during the Middle Preclassic period and continued throughout the Late Preclassic period (ca. 600 B.C.– A.D. 150). Over time, these transportation routes branched and transformed within densely populated centers to become a network of elevated causeways, processional boulevards with ritual and...