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Compendia and Collaboration: A Case Study from Hawai`i (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Dye.

This paper presents a case study of how open methods and practices of reproducible research facilitated collaboration in the archaeological community that led to the solution of the long-standing problem of when Polynesians colonized Hawai`i. Central to this effort was creation of a compendium from which the dating analysis could be replicated. Practical advice is offered on how to create and share a compendium using software tools familiar to archaeologists. SAA 2015 abstracts made available...

A New Stable Isotope Data Repository within the Neotoma Paleoecological Database (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Suzanne Pilaar Birch. Russell Graham. Eric Grimm. Jessica Blois. Jack Williams.

The Neotoma Database ( functions as an interdisciplinary, open-access, and community-curated database for paleoecologists. Primary data types include proxies such as pollen, vertebrate remains, diatoms, and plant macrofossils. Because stable isotope data carry essential paleoenvironmental information about hydrology, diet, foodweb, and other signals, the structure of Neotoma has been modified to accommodate isotope data, thus facilitating the integration of these data with other...

Open access, data reuse and the "democratization of knowledge": the case of Italy (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Valeria Boi.

Open Access (OA) data publication can widen the quantity of data available to researchers and scholars and thus can increase possibilities for cross-cultural comparisons. Low cost and ease of access to data can make possible a “democratization of knowledge”. This paper examines the archaeological community in Italy from the perspective of OA data publication in archaeology. OA data publication in Italian archaeology is not widespread and it currently lacks standards on data sharing that...