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Colorful pictures: Understanding the material of the Mesoamerican precolonial codices (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ludo Snijders. Tim Zaman.

In this session the most recent advances are presented of an ongoing interdisciplinary project aimed at better understanding the materials of which, and with which, the Mesoamerican Precolonial codices were made. These materials are as varied as ranging from turquoise from the southern United States to cochineal from Oaxaca, jaguar skins from the tropical areas and Maya Blue from the Yucatan peninsula. As such, this understanding allows for a reconstruction of the whole complex practice of...

Dinámica cultural durante el Formativo Inferior y Medio en la Cuenca de México: Tlatilco y Tlapacoya (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Patricia Ochoa Castillo.

Dos de los sitios más relevantes en el Centro de México durante el Formativo Inferior y Medio fueron Tlatilco y Tlapacoya, los que presentan una gran riqueza cultural. Sin embargo, la relación entre ellos y la función que tuvieron en su época son grandes interrogantes que aún persisten; esta revaloración será abordada a través de la revisión y comparación de sus materiales arqueológicos (cerámica y figurillas), incluyendo los de otros sitios ubicados tanto dentro, como fuera de la Cuenca de...

Pigment Identification as a Proxy for Intercultural Interaction in Casma, Ancash during the Initial Period (2100-1000 B.C.E.) (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Daniel Nicholson. James Hinthorne. Shelia Pozorski. Thomas Pozorski.

Differential distribution of mineral resources in the Andean area has necessitated a long history of interaction between coastal and highland peoples. However, when it comes to the Casma Valley, it is not clear when these interactions began. This paper addresses this issue through an examination of the mineralogy of a set of pigment samples collected from tools found at four sites of the Sechin Alto Polity identified by way of X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results of the XRD findings will be...