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Archaeological Investigation of the Stone Feature Located at Area 12, Gault Site Bell County, Texas (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Laura Vilsack.

A 2x2 meter fractured limestone cobble surface was excavated in February of 2001 through May of 2002 at the Gault Site in Bell County, Texas dating to either the Clovis or pre-Clovis period. Current research indicates two toss zones associated to the 10-centimeter thick stone floor. One toss zone is illustrated through the faunal assemblage arcing around the southwestern corner of the feature and the second toss zone is associated to lithic artifacts concentrated around the northeastern corner....

Archaeological, Paleoenvironmental, and Geoarchaeological Investigations of Hall’s Cave, Texas (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Joshua Keene. Michael Waters. Thomas Stafford.

This is an abstract from the "SAA 2019: General Sessions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Hall’s Cave, located in central Texas, contains a 4 m thick geological record extending back to 20,000 cal yr B.P. Within these sediments is an archaeological record dating from the historic period to approximately 10,500 cal yr B.P. with living surfaces containing artifacts and animal bones associated with hearths. Over 60 hearth features, including over 40...