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The Hidden Life of Notre Dame: A Study in Library Graffiti (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Melissa Hallihan. Jenny Fucillo.

On the graffiti-covered desks and walls of the eighth through eleventh floors of the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Library lies a study in duality—highly public expressions of students’ most private thoughts. Studying samples of graffiti left behind by decades’ worth of college students allowed us to examine aspects of life at Notre Dame that were not normally visible. An analysis of 107 pieces of graffiti yielded that 47% were sexual in nature and 53% pertained to non-sexual topics (e.g....

Inequality in the Academy: An Intersectional Analysis of Young College Men in 19th Century Lexington, Virginia (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Erin Schwartz.

What can intersectionality offer to a study of an all-male antebellum dormitory? While this approach has typically been used to identify and combat race- and gender-based discrimination, this paper argues that intersectional theory can also illuminate subtle class- and age-based inequalities among historic individuals of the same gender and race. Archaeological investigation of Graham Hall, a combined dormitory/classroom space/chapel located on the campus of Washington and Lee University in...