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An Early Horizon temple in the Tierra del Mercurio: Preliminary results from Atalla, Huancavelica, Peru (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michelle Young.

This presentation will put forward the preliminary results of the first season of the Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológica Atalla. The project represents a first step in clarifying the role of the Early Horizon period site of Atalla, located in the district of Yauli, region of Huancavelica, in the south-central highlands of Peru. Atalla is of particular archaeological interest as the earliest recorded monumental ceremonial site in the region of Huancavelica. The site is also distinguished by...

A Re-evaluation of Yotholin Pattern-Burnished: Evidence of Early Preclassic Ceramics? (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Betsy Kohut. George J. Bey III. Tomás Gallareta Negrón.

In 1958, Brainerd first described "the earliest deposits yet to come from Yucatan"—composed primarily of narrow-mouthed jar fragments recovered from the lowest strata of excavations at the Mani cenote. This type, classified as Yotholin Pattern-Burnished, has a medium-fine paste and unslipped surfaces that had been smoothed or burnished in decorative patterns. Since then, similar wares have been recovered from Preclassic contexts at a number of other sites. Although Brainerd originally described...