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Communities of Culture on the Early American Frontier: Investigating the Daniel Baum Family, Carroll County, Indiana (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher R. Moore.

Daniel and Ascenith Baum arrived in Carroll County, Indiana on a keel boat in April 1825. One of the pioneering families in the region, the Baum residence quickly became a social entrepôt. The first store in the county was opened in one of the Baum cabins, the first courts were held in the Baum house, and travelers coming up the Wabash River regularly stopped at the Baum’s. The Baum farm, then, was a focal point for the development of a community identity for the region’s early settlers. This...

Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone: Examining Relationships between the Living and the Dead through Decorated Headstones (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jillian Okray. Ashley Christianson. Susan Spencer.

Cemetery grave sites allow a continual dialogue between the deceased and their descendants. Many living relatives choose to decorate graves with flowers, ceramic figurines, flags, letters, and decorative seasonal items. This study was aimed to examine the relationship between the deceased and loved ones who choose to decorate graves after burial. Two cemeteries in Evansville, Indiana were examined in order to investigate the typology of decorations and the length of time graves remained...