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Archaeology not only for archaeologists: Examples of integration of archaeology and rural communities in Perú (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza.

Many people in our society misunderstand the nature of archaeological fieldwork. The misunderstanding often results from a lack of open access with the public by professionals in our discipline. An aggressive shift to providing the public with information and education about archaeological research and the value of cultural heritage will address this concern. In the highlands of Ancash, Perú, a central objective of PIARA (Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológico Regional Ancash) promotes...

Co-Creation, Applied Archaeology, and Community Engagement in Ancash, Peru (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert Connolly. Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza.

Initiated through the Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológico Regional Ancash, the cultural heritage component of the archaeological research program in the village of Hualcayán, Ancash, Peru, has taken on an increased "co-creative" perspective over the past two years. We define co-creative processes as those where the cultural heritage professional partners with a community in projects that address the expressed needs of the local residents. This poster reports on the process of implementing...