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Morphological and Functional Analyses of Northern Archaic Side Notched Bifaces (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kaitlyn Fuqua.

The Northern Archaic tradition (6,000-1,500 years BP) represents one of the longest cultural continuities in central and northern Alaska, characterized through continuity in lithic technology, basic settlement, and subsistence patterns. However, this tradition does not have clearly defined characteristics and is commonly used to describe any site in central and northern Alaska with side notched bifaces present in the tool assemblage. Few studies have been performed on the morphological and...

New Carbon-14 (14C) Dates on "Old" Cultural Components near Quartz Lake, Interior Alaska (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jennifer Kielhofer. Josh Reuther. Francois Lanoë. Dave Plaskett. Jason Rogers.

As part of the Quartz Lake/Shaw Creek Flats research initiative, excavations took place in 2014 at the Cook, Keystone Dune and Klein sites in the middle Tanana Valley, interior Alaska. Although these sites were previously tested, continued excavation was vital to expand the 14C chronology and enhance understanding of prehistoric subarctic foraging behavior and paleoecology. At the Klein site, our goal was to gather more geochronological information on a component previously dated ~3700-5100 cal....