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3D Photogrammetry and GIS for Tracking Edge Wear Accumulation in Lithic Experiments (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nicholas Waber.

Digital photogrammetry is fast becoming a popular method for 3D landscape, feature, and object modelling. The ease with which photogrammetrically-derived models may be analyzed with conventional GIS software has streamlined archaeological landscape analysis. These same tools are eminently scaleable, facilitating comparable analyses of much smaller surfaces: those of lithic artifacts. Using 3D digital photogrammetry and GIS software, I propose a method to locate, define, and quantify edge damage...

Comparisons and Contrasts of Digital Imaging Technologies in Subterranean Mesoamerica (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Cameron Griffith. Adam Spring. Brent Woodfill.

Over a period of just a few short years there have been dramatic advancements in digital imaging and scanning technologies. Increasingly, cave archaeologists around the world are utilizing many of these new platforms and techniques to document subterranean artwork. This paper outlines two different approaches to digital imaging of ancient Maya cave art. In Guatemala, a Z+F IMAGER 5010C 3D Laser scanner, mounted on a tripod, was employed in Cueva San Juan and Hun Nal Ye to document both...