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The Archaeology of Irish Railroad Laborers in Mid-Nineteenth Century Virginia: Findings from the First Field Season (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Amanda B. Johnson. Stephen A. Brighton.

In 1850 the landscape 15 miles west of Charlottesville was dramatically altered as thousands of Irish immigrants were brought to the area to construct the Blue Ridge Railroad. The dangerous work consisted of several cuts and tunnels. One of the more difficult projects was the Blue Ridge or Afton tunnel. At its completion it stretched just under a mile and at the time was one of the longest tunnels in American history. During the summer of 2012, the excavations focused on standing dry-laid stone...

Forward and "Faug a Balac": An Irish Immigrant Family Dugout in Wisconsin (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jennifer Picard. Alexander Anthony. John Richards.

Much of the historical research on Irish immigrants, particularly women and children, focuses on those who moved to urban areas during the time of the Famine. Less has been written about Irish immigration prior to the famine, particularly to rural areas. The McHugh family immigrated to the United States in 1825, settling in Waupaca County, Wisconsin circa 1849. The McHugh site (47WP0294) was occupied by this family for over a century. Following her husband’s death in 1856, Mary McHugh was left...

Irish Built Arteries: Ethnic identification along the canals and railroads of New York (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jordon Loucks.

This study explores the materiality of cultural boundaries manufactured around immigrant communities in industrial localities in New York State. The immigration of thousands of Irish to the United States throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was met with an intense animosity. Religious and economic differences combined with an anti-immigrant sentiment to provide the Irish-American with a continuation of the racist attitudes similar to the ones that plagued English Improvement. Using...