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New insights into the dynamics of human behaviour during the Last Glacial Maximum and Terminal Pleistocene in the Pilbara, Northwest Australia (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Wendy Reynen.

The emerging picture from the Australian archaeological record shows a varied pattern of human responses to the environmental and climatic fluctuations that characterised the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and the terminal Pleistocene in arid Australia. Archaeological data suggests a decline in site use and reorganization of human landscape use in correlation to broad shifts in climate and environment. The nature of these changes is complex and requires unpacking on a high-resolution scale as it is...

New Research into the Dynamics of human-environment relationships in the Maya region (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Eva Jobbova.

Despite recent debates and new analytical opportunities in Maya archaeology provided by developments such as increased amounts of paleoclimatic data, the growing field of settlement archaeology and advances in Maya epigraphy, we still know very little about either short or long-term dynamics of human-environment relationships in the Maya region: for example, the choices humans make in response to extreme variability in rainfall patterns or changes in soil conditions. Does society become...