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Engendering the Archaeological Record of the Southern Plateau, Northwestern North America (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Tiffany Fulkerson.

Within the last 30 years, researchers have made considerable advances in the effort to engender the archaeological record in areas of northwestern North America. Despite these developments, archaeological considerations of gender in the southern Plateau remain markedly sparse; rather, studies in the region tend to focus on human-environmental interactions and subsistence, settlement, and technological systems. This study aims to address the relative scarcity of explicit and systematic approaches...

Faunal Analysis of the Mesa 12 Site, Central Columbia Basin (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Justin Fitzpatrick.

From 1973-1975, William C. Smith of Central Washington State College led the "Mesa Project" excavating four sites on the Columbia Plateau in Grant County, Washington. These mesas are small isolated basalt buttes, 100 or more feet above the surrounding scabland channels, with cultural materials on the top and base. They are hypothesized to be defensive sites. Faunal material recovered from these sites has been in storage unanalyzed for over 40 years. The largest excavation was at Mesa 12 where 33...

Faunal Analysis of Two Columbia River House Feature Sites: Hole-in-the-Wall-Canyon (45KT12) and French Rapids (45KT13) (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Matthew Johnson.

As part of ongoing thesis work, a taxonomic and taphonomic faunal analysis was completed for the zooarchaeological collections (n≈5,000) of two house feature sites, Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon (45KT12) and French Rapids (45KT13). Both sites are located near Vantage, Washington, within the inundated area of the Wanapum Reservoir, and date ca. 2400 – 200 B.P. Originally excavated as part of large scale archaeological salvage work prior to dam construction in the summers of 1961-62, the fauna was never...

Housepit 54 at Bridge River: Seventeen Anthropogenic Floors in Time and Space (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Anna Marie Prentiss. Thomas Foor.

The Bridge River Archaeological Project initiated excavations of Housepit 54 in 2012 with the goal of developing an understanding of household history during the period of ca. 1000-1500 years ago. Excavations at Housepit 54 have revealed a remarkable sequence of 17 anthropogenic floors, 16 of which pre-date 1000 years ago and reflect periods of rapid growth and stability. The earliest three floors derive from small (estimated 4-6 m diameter) oval structures followed by a seven floor sequence...

Macro-regional cultural development of the Interior Columbia Plateau (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Carol Schultze, PhD.

Despite a wealth of data and continued opportunities for data collection, the prehistory of the Interior Columbia Plateau of the Northwestern United States continues to be organized and discussed on the basis of a handful of local regional chronologies. Many of those popularly in use were created decades ago and (in spite of a few notable exceptions) there remains a need for the archaeological community to generate a more synthetic chronology. This paper tests the premise that cultural...