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Inhambane/Inhafoco and Mozambique Ilha/Mossuril: Maritime Archaeological Approaches toTwo Mozambican Slaving Landscapes (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ricardo Duarte. Yolanda P Duarte. Stephen Lubkemann.

This paper reports on the ongoing integrated maritime and terrestrial archaeological investigation of two prominent slaving landscapes that represent different experiences in Mozambique’s millennium- long experience of being shaped by Indian Ocean, intra-African, and Transatlantic slave trades. Mozambique Island developed in part around slaving (to the Levante) in the 9th century, and rose to become an epicenter of slaving across the Atlantic as well starting in the late 18th century. In...

DOCUMENT Citation Only Celia Goncalves. Joao Cascalheira. Mussa Raja. Omar Madime. Nuno Bicho.

Under the auspices of the Portuguese colonial government, Lereno Barradas and Santos Junior (within the Anthropological Mission of Mozambique) carried out field surveys that resulted in a data set that includes a total of more than 100 sites, mostly attributed to the Stone Age. This early research added to the previous work of Van Riet Lowe in the Limpopo Valley, in southern Mozambique. Recently, Mozambique has emerged as a crucial geographic area to understand human evolution. Specifically, its...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Archaeological Survey: Results from Portugal and Mozambique (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Brandon Zinsious. Jonathan Haws.

Any technological advance that can save archaeologists time, money and manpower should be explored thoroughly. This poster presents the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or Drones, as a supplemental tool to traditional archaeological survey. Examples from Portugal and Mozambique are included to give visual representations of the possible uses of drone technologies. We used a commercially-available Phantom 2 quadcopter with a GoPro camera for coastal survey in Praia Ray Cortico, Portugal....

Using GIS and Archaeological Survey Data for the Reconstruction of Stone Age Settlement Patterns in the Elephant River Valley, Mozambique (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Celia Goncalves. João Cascalheira. Jonathan Haws. Mussa Raja. Nuno Bicho.

The central topic of this poster focus on the conversion of archaeological survey data to a GIS format for the identification of settlement patterns by communities that inhabited the Elephant river region, a tributary of the Limpopo River (southern Mozambique), from c. 300 to c. 20 thousand years ago. Specifically, we tried to identify and characterize the settlement dynamics of each cultural phase (MSA and LSA), in order to understand the choices related to the selection of site location in...