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Identifying Ground Stone Production at Bolsa Chica through Hammerstone Analysis (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Connie "Destiny" Colocho. Andrew Garrison. Nancy "Anastasia" Wiley.

Debris attributed to the manufacture of groundstone implements are not always identified or collected. This can make groundstone production difficult to quantify through debitage analysis. Therefore, the identification of groundstone production often rests on the analysis of hammerstones. Recently Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc., conducted an intensive technological analysis on the lithic assemblage from a well-known Millingstone Horizon site, located on the Bolsa Chica mesa, in Orange...

Stone Geometrics: An Inclusive Typology Matrix for Californian and Chilean Cogged Stones (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nancy Wiley. Rezenet Moges.

Drawing on recent studies of cogged stones by Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc., comparisons can be made between the artifacts found along coastal Southern California and morphologically similar artifacts unearthed in the Coquimbo region of Chile. This poster will describe a new method of calibrating typological shapes for describing both Californian and Chilean cogged stone artifacts. Several caches containing unconventionally shaped cogged stones were discovered by SRSinc during archaeological...