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A Cross-Comparative Study of Problematic Deposits from M13-1 at El Perú Waka’ and the North Acropolis at Tikal (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Hannah Bauer. Olivia Navarro-Farr.

This is an abstract from the "SAA 2019: General Sessions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Archaeological research on problematic deposits has provided a generic category for otherwise unexplainable bodies of evidence for ritual activity. This research focuses on data from two similarly constituted problematic deposits in the Maya area, one very well known from the North Acropolis at Tikal, and one lesser known from civic ceremonial structure M13-1...

A Problematic Deposit from a Maya Hinterland Household: Chert, Sherds and Obsidian (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David M. Hyde.

A significant amount of recent study has been directed to what have been termed "problematical deposits." Although superficially similar to middens, they tend to have a ritual component that makes them distinct from simple trash pits, and as Houk (2000) indicates, they are often located at the centerline of monumental, ceremonial architecture ( Clayton et al. 2005; Houk 2000). The Tapir Group of the Medicinal Trail Community has an Early Classic "problematic deposit" that is located in the base...