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DOCUMENT Citation Only Kirsten Tharalson. Matthew E. Hill, Jr..

The Dismal River complex is a protohistoric archaeological complex likely representing an early Apache occupation on the Central Great Plains of North America. A key Dismal River complex site is the Lovitt site (25CH1), located in southwestern Nebraska. Excavations at Lovitt in 1939 revealed the site as a small residential locality with three ephemeral house structures and more than 150 pit features. Recent radiocarbon dating at the site suggests it was likely occupied either in the first half...

Dismal River ceramic sherd data (2015)
DATASET Sarah Trabert.

These are the results from an analysis of ceramics from 43 Dismal River sites. A full description of the sites and the results can be found in the Trabert 2015 document.

Dismal River ceramic sherd INAA data (2015)
DATASET Sarah Trabert.

A sample of ceramics from 25CH1 and 14SC1 were submitted for INAA. This file contains the results. These data are also on file with the Missouri Research Reactor.

Plural Communities on the Plains: Dismal River People and the Puebloan Diaspora
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sarah Trabert

European colonization of North America profoundly impacted the lives of Native Americans. One method by which some Puebloan people, living in New Mexico, chose to escape Spanish colonial control was to leave their homeland and settle with other Native Americans living outside the borders of colonialism. One small group of Puebloan migrants traveled as far as western Kansas, joined a community of people already living there, and built a pueblo. This research focuses on how the lives of that...

Plural Communities on the Plains: Dismal River People and the Puebloan Diaspora (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah Trabert.

This study considers how significant multi-regional processes, such as Spanish colonization of the U.S. Southwest and the later Puebloan diaspora, affected the lives of Native peoples living on the Central Great Plains. Social and economic connections existed between Puebloan people and several Great Plains groups, including those known to archaeologists as the Dismal River Aspect (AD 1600-1750). One significant Dismal River site in western Kansas, the Scott County Pueblo (14SC1), includes the...