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2014 Southeastern Archaeology Publication Survey Data (2014)
DATASET Bardolph Dana. VanDerwarker Amber.

These data are the results of a survey disseminated to the Southeastern Archaeology (SEAC) membership in March 2014. The survey was designed to to better understand authorial behavior (i.e., what factors contribute to decisions about manuscript submission and publication rates among southeastern archaeologists). Our goal was to solicit feedback from SEAC members in all job settings (students, academics, CRM, government, museum, etc.), including those who have never published research or do not...

A Critical Evaluation of Recent Gendered Publishing Trends in American Archaeology (2014)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bardolph Dana.

This paper explores the relationship between gender identity and patterns of authorship in peer-reviewed journals as a lens for examining gendered knowledge production and the current status and visibility of men and women in American archaeology. Drawing on feminist theory and the feminist critique of science, I examine how gender imbalance and a lack of diversity continue to affect the work that archaeologists produce. The evaluation of publishing trends serves as a means to investigate...

Gender Equity in Archaeology Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Dana Bardolph

This project examines the relationship between gender, author, and editorship in conference presentations and publications as a lens to examine current disciplinary sociopolitics and the relative contributions of men and women to archaeological research. This project has been both broad in scope, encompassing the field of American archaeology at large, as well as regionally focused on researchers in the southeastern United States. Archived data include data spreadsheets of publication data and...

Southeastern Archaeology Survey on Gender Equity in Publication (2014)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bardolph Dana. VanDerwarker Amber.

This document represents the survey questions disseminated to the Southeastern Archaeology (SEAC) membership in March 2014 via the online survey platform SurveyMonkey. The full results of the survey are available within the Gender Equity in Archaeology Project as well.