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Chevelon Ruin (AZ P:2:11 [ASM]) Mapping Project (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text E. Charles Adams.

From July 1-11, 2002, staff, students, and volunteers with the Homol'ovi Research Program, Arizona State Museum, the University of Arizona traced and mapped wall alignments at Chevelon Ruin (AZ P:2: 11 [ASM]). Outlines to a total of 67 rooms comprising most of two of the seven room blocks at Chevelon were documented. These data will be used to develop an excavation strategy for fieldwork at Chevelon over the next three summers. Sixty-two of the documented rooms came from Room Block 200 (RB200)...

Ritualized Animal Burials at Champagne Spring - Part II: Analysis and interpretation of burial fauna in Structure 37, Champagne Spring - 5DL2333 (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robin Lyle.

Excavations in Structure 37, an early Pueblo II period kiva at Champagne Spring Ruins in Dolores County Colorado, encountered the ritualized burials of numerous turkeys, canids and an American Crow. These buried animals represented part of the final closure of the structure. The description, analysis and interpretation of these remains are discussed in detail.