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Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project Coronado - Silverking Transmission Line 7.5 mi. Segment of SRP Line from Eastern Sitgreaves National Forest Boundary to APS-SRP Common Corridor, Federal Land, Navajo County, Arizona: Report for Archaeological Survey of 24 Proposed Tower Locations and Associated Access Roads Along 7.5 mi. of the Coronado-Silverking Transmission Line Within Sitgreaves National Forest (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William S. Marmaduke. Dana Hartman. Donna R. Howard.

At the request of The Salt River Project, archeologists from the Museum of Northern Arizona surveyed 24 tower locations and their associated access roads for the 7.5 mile segment of the Coronado-Silverking 500 kV transmission line in the Sitgreaves National Forest. The request for the survey came from Bettina Rosenberg, archeological administrator for The Salt River Project, in a letter dated January 12, 1978. The Coronado-Silverking transmission line is the main conduit to the Phoenix...

A Cultural Resources Survey of Approximately 3 Miles for a New SRP 230-kV Transmission Line from Kortsen Road to Thornton Road for the Desert Basin Generating Station, Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jackie L. Orcholl.

SRP requested that Logan Simpson Design (LSD) conduct a Class III cultural resources survey of a new right-of-way (ROW) to determine whether any significant cultural resources will be disturbed by the construction of a 230-kV transmission line. SRP also requested that LSD evaluate portions of four previously recorded sites that are within an existing Western 115-kV transmission line ROW. The new 230-kV transmission line will replace the existing Western line as part of the current project.

Recovery of Additional Information from the Gila River Farm Expansion Area (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Monique Sawyer-Lang. Richard W. Effland, Jr..

As a result of a cultural resource investigation of the Gila River Farms expansion area conducted by Archaeological Consulting Services Ltd. (ACS), a number of significant cultural resources were identified within the project area. Of particular interest was cultural material associated with the World War II Japanese-American internment camp of Camp Rivers. This camp was used between May, 1942 and November 1945 and housed approximately 12.000 Japanese and Nisei (Japanese-Americans born and...