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By Themselves They Celebrated His Feast Day: Regional Variation in Postclassic Central Mexican Domestic Ritual (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Angela Huster.

This poster examines the variation in domestic ritual practices in Postclassic Central Mexico, using data from the Basin of Mexico, the Toluca Valley, and Morelos. I use cluster analysis to identify patterning in censer and figurine use, based on the functional attributes of these artifact classes (use mechanics for censers, subject matter for figurines). These clusters are then compared spatially and temporally to identify patterns based on ethnicity and the expansion of the Aztec Empire. The...

Ceremonial Center and Domestic Rituals: The Case of Campanayuq Rumi, South-Central Highlands of Peru (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yuichi Matsumoto. Jason Nesbitt. Yuri Cavero. Edison Mendoza.

The main theme of this paper is to reconsider the relationship between the ritual activities in public architecture and domestic rituals carried out in the area outside of ceremonial core through the recent data of Campanayuq Rumi, a late Initial Period and Early Horizon ceremonial center in the Peruvian south-central highlands. New data from the domestic areas of Campanayuq Rumi suggest that ritual activities had been carried out before the construction of public architecture. While the...

Domestic Production and Use of Mold-made Whistles and Figurines in Late Classic Oaxaca, Mexico (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jeremias Pink. Ronald K. Faulseit. Carlos Rojas Ortíz.

Mold-made ceramic figurines and whistles are a common component of Late Classic assemblages in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, yet little is known about their ceremonial significance or context of use. Our excavation of an elite residential complex at the site of Dainzú-Macuilxóchitl yielded nearly 5,000 fragments of these ritual objects, the majority from midden deposits associated with an open stone platform that likely served as a ceremonial space for the residents. A small ceramic kiln located...

Integrating archaeobotany to provide Insight into domestic and public ritual in southern Brazil (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mark Robinson.

Archaeobotanical results are integrated with archaeological and paleoecological data for the southern proto-Jê of the southern Brazilian highlands. Results from a domestic structure displays a pattern of architectural termination and renewal that not only uncovers an ancient ritual practice, but also reveals practices of plant management when considered alongside paleoecological data. Within the wider context, the data support a change in the performance of ritual practices revolving around fire...

Marine Fossils and Domestic Ritual in Maya Commoner Households: Two Neighborhoods in the Classic Maya City of Palenque (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lauren Herckis.

Marine fossils carried an important symbolic load for elites in the Classic Maya city of Palenque. Recent excavations demonstrate that marine fossils were intentionally employed in a variety of ways by commoners in hinterland domestic contexts as well. Despite a shared symbology, such use varied across the landscape: inhabitants of different neighborhoods had different practices surrounding these materials. The special significance of marine fossils in commoner households is particularly evident...