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Early "Guañape" Ceramics from the North Coast of Peru: New Data from Gramalote (Moche Valley) and Huaca Prieta (Chicama Valley) (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gabriel Prieto. Jeffrey Quilter. Tom Dillehay.

The problem of the introduction or adoption of the ceramic technology in the Central Andes is still an open debate. Earlier efforts have identified that ceramic vessels in the Moche and Chicama valleys were already in use around 1600-1500 B.C. Current research support the fact that the Second millennium is tentatively the period when domestic wares became popular in this region. New data from the Gramalote and Huaca Prieta sites support this view, suggesting that there seems to be formal...

Early Ceramics, Human Mobility, And Interaction: Original Developments Of The Pacific Coast In Connection With South America (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Barbara Arroyo.

Various cultural parallels have been mentioned in the past about the connections between two important regions in the Americas: South America and Mesoamerica. The nature of how this contact took place was a research question that has interested many but is still unanswered. This paper will address the question using information from archaeological fieldwork carried out at sites on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Additional information will come from the “invisible” records including...

The Late Archaic and Initial Ceramic Age in Coastal French Guiana (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Martijn Van Den Bel.

Recent excavations at two archaeological sites in French Guiana (Eva 2 and Saint-Louis) presented evidence of a Late Archaic an Early Ceramic Age occupation which is comparable to other coastal sites in South America, such as the Alaka Phase in Guyana and the Mina Tradition in Pará, Brazil. These early ceramic sites represent the suite of a larger Archaic Age Littoral Tradition in which ceramics represented an innovative aspect to the Archaic way of life. Starch grain analysis showed that maize,...

Monte Castelo Shellmound and Early Ceramic Technologies in Amazon: A Perspective on Long-Term Landscape Management and the Origins of Pottery in the Americas (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Francisco Pugliese. Roberto Ventura Santos. Carlos Zimpel. Eduardo Neves.

Recent research has confirmed that the some of the oldest ceramics of the Americas are associated with Amazonian shellmounds. Excavations at Monte Castelo site produced a representative assemblage of these early technologies, and has also demonstrated a long history of ceramic production and use, with significant changes during the Middle Holocene that accompany the intensification of landscape management and the emergence of several other cultural innovations in that period. In this...

The Search for Places in Southwestern Archaeology: Ancient Landscape Building in the Madeira and Purus Basins and Long-Term Indigenous History (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Francisco Antonio Pugliese.

Mounds, ditches, roads and other kinds of earthworks are found in ever larger quantities in southwestern amazon archaeology. An increase in the quantity and quality of research carried out in this area and the more detailed data that was recently made available have changed our understanding of the kind and degree of human interaction with the environment. Today, archaeological landscape building in this region can be explored in a more regionally detailed framework, since the knowledge produced...