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18th Century Stoneware From New Jersey (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Liebeknecht.

The origins of the New Jersey stoneware industry -- and perhaps even the American stoneware industry -- seem to lie in the late 17th century with an awareness that high-grade clays suitable for making dense, hard, durable pottery were present in the South Amboy area of Middlesex County in the Province of East Jersey.  As early as 1685-86, there are indications in the court records of Burlington County in West Jersey that such clays were known to early settlers.  This clay source was presumably...

The Other 99%: Archaeological Collections, Research, and the New Jersey State Museum (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gregory Lattanzi.

Since 2001, the Bureau of Archaeology & Ethnography began accepting interns and opened its collections to scholars and professionals conducting research. Numerous undergraduate and graduate students have completed both senior honor theses, MAs and PhDs working with the over 2.5 million objects in our collections. Numerous professionals have utilized the collections for their ongoing research interests. The Bureau itself has had to build this program from the gound up along side these...